The consortium hosting the programme across the four universities features key partners. Professor Roggenkamp, Senior Lecturer Gordon and Associate Professors Ronne and Banet are all highly respected leading figures of Energy Law. All have written standard works in the field and alongside their heavyweight research credentials, have worked in many capacities – including lawyer, judge and consultant roles.

mroggenkampDr Martha M. Roggenkamp, professor of Energy law, Director of the Groningen Centre of Energy Law, University of Groningen
CatherineDr Catherine Banet, associate professor of Petroleum and Energy Law, University of Oslo, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law

Dr John Paterson, professor in Law, Co-director of the Aberdeen Centre for Energy Law, School of Law
anita ronneAnita Rønne, associate professor of Energy Law, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Links with practice

All our Coordinators have a fundamental belief in keeping a strong contact with the professional field and energy sector in general – at the government and the industry level. Two chair the National Law Associations in their home countries and all enjoy direct contact with all the key legal professionals within the energy sector. So they all have a hotline to the key players, mainly because they are key players themselves. For more information please see participating universties.

prof. dr. M.M. (Martha) Roggenkamp – professor of Energy Law, University of Groningen, Groningen Centre of Energy Lawmroggenkamp

In 2005 Martha M. Roggenkamp joined the Law Faculty of the University of Groningen as professor of Energy Law. Roggenkamp is an expert in the field of Dutch, European and International Energy Law and the director of the Groningen Centre of Energy Law, as well as co-director of the Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme (GESP), academic coordinator of the North Sea Energy Law Programme and academic director of the LLM programme in Energy and Climate Law of the University of Groningen.

Roggenkamp (Groningen, 1955) has studied Scandinavian Languages and Literature (Norwegian) and Dutch Law at the University of Groningen. From 1986 until 2004 she worked as a researcher at the now defunct International Institute of Energy Law at the University of Leiden. Roggenkamp received her doctorate in 1999 for her dissertation on the legal framework applying to pipelines in the oil and gas industry. Over the years, Roggenkamp has authored and co-authored a vast amount of books, chapters and articles in the field of Energy Law. Some of the key publications she has worked on, include, inter alia, Oil and Gas: Netherlands Law and Practice (1991), Energy Law in Europe – National, EU and International Regulation (2001, 2007, 2016), European Energy Law Report I-X (2004-2014), Regulation of Power Exchanges in Europe (2005), Energy Networks and the Law (2012) and Essential EU Climate Law (2015). Furthermore, Roggenkamp also is the co-founder and chair of the Dutch Energy Law Association (NeVER), editor of the Dutch Journal of Energy Law (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Energierecht) and member of the editorial board of the Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law, the International Energy law and Taxation Review and the Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review.

Publications: (Selection of publications in English)


prof. dr. J. (John) Paterson – professor of Law, University of Aberdeen, Centre for Energy Law

john paterson

Professor Paterson trained as a solicitor in the Office of the Solicitor to the Secretary of State for Scotland before pursuing an academic career. After studying at the EUI, Florence, Italy, he was a Research Assistant at the Centre de Philosophie du Droit, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, where he worked principally on the Governance Project with the Forward Studies Unit of the European Commission. He was Senior Lecturer and then Reader at the University of Westminster between 1998 and 2004 when he joined the University of Aberdeen as a Reader. He was appointed Professor of Law in August 2011. He co-directs the Centre for Energy Law as well as Aberdeen’s involvement in the North Sea Energy Law Programme with Greg Gordon. His research has covered systems theory, the regulation of risk, governance in the EU, corporate governance and energy law. He has been involved in a number of international projects both in research and teaching. He has provided specialist training in oil and gas law and corporate governance for the corporate sector, expert advice in international arbitration, and consultancy to international organisations. He is series editor (together with Professor Julian Webb) of the Law, Science and Society series published by Routledge-Cavendish

Publications: (Selection of publications in English)

  • Gordon, GW., Paterson, JB. & McHarg, AM. (in press). ‘Energy Law in the UK’. in M Roggenkamp, C Redgwell, A Ronne & I Del Guayo (eds), Energy Law in the EU. OUP Oxford, Oxford.
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  • Paterson, JB. (2012). ‘Law’s Role in the Tension between Security and Sovereignty in the Field of Energy Resources’. in JA McNeish & O Logan (eds), Flammable Societies: Studies on the Socio-Economics of Oil and Gas. Pluto Press.
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dr. C. (Catherine) Banet – associate professor of Petroleum and Energy Law, University of Oslo, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law Catherine

In 2014 Catherine Banet joined the Petroleum and Energy Law Department of the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law. Prior to her appointment as associate professor, she has worked as an associate lawyer at the Oil and Energy Department of Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig AS from 2011 until 2014,  as a Ph.D. research fellow at the Scandinavian Institute of Martime Law from 2006 until 2011 and as an associate lawyer at law firm Huglo-Lepage & Partners (Brussels) between 2004 and 2006. Banet is an expert on energy and petroleum law, environmental law, state aids and the internal energy market and holds a LL.M in International and European Energy and Environmental Law (KUL, Leuven, 2007), a MA in International Politics (Ceris, Paris/Brussels, 2003) and a MA in European Affairs (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, 2002), in addition to her Ph.D. Furthermore, Banet is a member of the Nordic Environmental Law Network (NELN), the Energy Law Research Forum (ELRF), the European Law Network of the Faculty of Law, the Academic Advisory Group of the Section on Energy, Environmental and Infrastructure Law (SEERIL) of the International Bar Association (IBA), the expert committee on energy and environmental law of the Norwegian Center for Continuing Legal Education and of the board of the ECOHZ Renewable Energy Foundation (EREF).

Publications: (Selection of publications in English)

  • Banet, Catherine (2015). Coexistence and Interaction Between Offshore Petroleum Activities and Surrounding Physical Environment: Area Use and Emissions Regulation. The Norwegian Case.. Oil, Gas and Energy Law.  ISSN 1875-418X. 13(6)
  • Banet, Catherine (2015). Coexistence and interaction between offshore petroleum activities and surrounding physical environment: area use and emissions regulation. MarIus.  ISSN 0332-7868. 456, s 257- 286
  • D-thesis: Tradable green certificates schemes under EU law: the influence of EU law on national support schemes for renewable electricity generation(UniPub, 2012) (Kluwer, forthcoming 2014). Nominated to the King’s Gold Medal.
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  • Banet, Catherine (2007). Legal agenda for the review of the EU emissions trading scheme. MarIus.  ISSN 0332-7868.  (360), s 347- 381

A. (Anita) Rønne, LLM – associate professor of Energy Law, University of Copenhagen, Centre for Public Regulation and Administrationanita ronne

Anita Rønne is Associate Professor in Energy Law, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. She is appointed by the Minister as a member of the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority; as Chair of the Valuation Committee for neighbours to wind projects under the Law of Renewables; and as an expert to the Danish Safety Technology Authority. She holds the Chair of the Danish Energy Law Society and is a member and former chairman of the Academic Advisory Group, SEERIL, IBA. She is also a Member of the Committee on Climate Change of the International Law Association, and of the Study Board of North Sea Energy Law Programme (Universities of Oslo, Aberdeen & Groningen, funded by EU – L.L.L.P. She teaches within the area of energy law and climate change law. She has administrative experience from the Danish Ministry of Energy and as consultant under EU Commission and World Bank secondment (Eastern Europe, South Africa, Malaysia). She is an author and co-editor of Energy Law in Europe; Energy Security; Regulating Energy & Natural Resources (all Oxford University Press), Legal Systems and Wind Energy (Kluwer Law Int. & DJØF Publishing) and has drafted many book chapters and articles (in English and Danish).

Publications: (Selection of publications in English)

  • Energy Law in Europe – National, EU and International Regulation. / Rønne, Anita; Roggenkamp, Martha; Redgwell, Catherine; Guayo, Inigo del, 3rd edition ed. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2016. 1360 p.
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