Mission, Vision & Strategy


With four highly ranked partner universities (Aberdeen, Copenhagen, Groningen and Oslo), renowned for their energy law education and research, we provide legal professionals with qualitative, innovative knowledge and practice, and a deeper, powerful vision on energy law from a global perspective in a quickly changing world.

Our society is changing continuously and at an increasing pace. On societal level, but also in the areas of technology and more specifically: energy. Energy law should follow these changes which are occurring now and in the future. This dynamic field of work needs legal professionals with excellent knowledge, who are connected with society and have a forward- looking view. The four partner universities offer high standard complementary education taught by leading experts in the field of energy law.


To provide legal professionals with state-of-the-art energy law knowledge to foster and accelerate their contribution to the energy transition, aiming for a sustainable world for future generations.

The Advanced LLM in Energy Law programme wants to be thé standard in professional energy law education. Aiming to follow and (pro)actively serve all technical, financial, business and societal developments in the energy transition from a legal point of view.


We implement our mission and vision by:
  • successfully introducing the joint master programme in 2009 with partner universities from Aberdeen, Copenhagen, Groningen and Oslo;
  • developing an integral programme where each partner brings in their own expertise (complementary);
  • by offering professionals an LLM in convenient four 2-week modules and a Master’s thesis;
  • taught by leading experts, both academic and professional, in the field of energy law;
  • liaising with energy law researchers to ensure the curriculum is up to date;
  • with additional field visits to connect energy law knowledge with practice;
  • and in doing so creating an Advanced LLM in Energy Law alumni network where further knowledge can be exchanged.