What’s in it for You?

North Sea nations bringing together a global perspective

We call it the ‘North Sea Energy Law Partnership’ or NSELP for short. But our vision and content is far more holistic than that. Our name came about simply because all 4 universities in the programme are located in 4 key North Sea nations. But just to be clear, our vision is always global. 

The Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and Denmark have all been at the forefront of the world’s offshore oil and gas development from the start. And as European countries, these countries have also led the way in developing the liberalisation of downstream energy markets. In fact, today these nations take a lead role in renewable technologies too. And it is this global expertise in energy law that we want to expose you to. So although our consortium name contains the words ‘North Sea’ – you can be sure our vision and curriculum go much further. 

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What’s in it for you?

It is our goal to give you greater vision. To give you a broad, yet accurate perspective of what is actually going on in the sector at a global level. That way, you will be able to see how all the other elements of energy law fit together and interact. And crucially, how you fit into this bigger picture.
After all, we believe that the best performing professionals in any industry are the ones who have the clearest vision of the landscape they work in. Once you have got that, you can make more accurate, focused and informed decisions. In energy law, that is the kind of focus and clarity that becomes invaluable to you, to your employer and to your clients. And that can help you realise your potential.

World class teaching expertise

Although our class sizes are small (just 8 to 15 participants per intake), the energy and the talent that we put into this programme is huge. As you can imagine, there are many components that go together to create this unique learning experience. Let’s start with the high level of teaching expertise.
Groningen, Oslo, Aberdeen and Copenhagen all benefit from being world-class centres of excellence for the energy industry – each with a world class university dedicated to the study of energy law. What we have done is to identify the best specialism that each university has within energy law – then we have tailored an 2-week module around that particular talent pool of university academics and associated practitioners from industry. And we have done that across each of the four universities – so for a given module topic you are taught by the best lecturers, from the best university each and every time.