Criteria and Documents

Academic and professional requirements

The programme is designed to be suitable for those having substantial professional legal experience in the field of energy law. Being an executive master, both the academic background and the professional experience of applicants are of importance. The Admission Board of the Advanced LLM in Energy Law will consider applications from those having substantial relevant professional legal experience and holding an LLM degree, an LLB degree or an equivalent qualification from an internationally recognized university. Additionally, the Admission Board also considers applications from those holding a degree in another field than law. In this case, candidates with different degrees (or other equivalent qualification) should not be deterred from applying. Each application is considered on its own merits and, in exceptional circumstances, qualifications of equivalent status may be accepted.


English language requirements

If English is not your first language, you will need to satisfy the Universities’ English language requirements. These can be met by having studied your first degree in the medium of English, or else by possession of any one of the following qualifications:

IELTS academic

at least 6.0 on each section

TOEFL* online


at least 21 on each section



If you hold another qualification, you should contact us and the Admission Board will decide on whether this is acceptable.
* Regarding the TOEFL test: our institutional code is 8450. Please notify us of your incoming result.

Summary of required documents

Applicants are required to use our online application form and provide the following documents:

  1. copy of a LLM, or LLB (GPA of 7/10, 2:1, C+ etc.), or any other university master diploma (and transcript), both the original and the English version
  2. proof of minimum of two years of relevant work experience
  3. letter from your employer in which his/her acknowledgement to your application and proof of current relevant job to the LLM is included
  4. sufficient (and valid) English test results
  5. CV
  6. copy of the ID page of a valid passport

Submitting your application

It is unlikely that we will able to determine eligibility without receiving a full application; for this reason there are no application fees and we encourage you to go ahead and apply!

We would like to stress that although the main strength of this executive LLM programme lies in the fact that a great variety of topics is covered throughout the four modules, it is also possible to apply for only one or more separate modules.

(*) The information on this page is subject to change.