There is no application fee.
For those who wish to apply for the next Teaching Round applications should be submitted by early June 2020 (exception cases will be considered on a case by-case basis).
It is also possible to enroll during an ongoing Teaching Round. You could choose to start with any of the teaching modules.
Further, if your are only interested in one or more specific teaching modules, you can also decide for this.
In any of these last two options, applications should be submitted no later than two months prior to the start of the module of interest.

Tuition Fees
The tuition fee for the entire two-year programme is € 28,000 full programme: four teaching modules and thesis module)
For individual teaching modules the fee is € 7,000 per modules.
Participation is only possible if the administration of the programme has received payment of the tuition.

NSELP candidates are always welcome to apply for the Annual IBA SEERIL Scholarship.
Please contact us as soon as possible so we can provide you with the necessary information. It is important to notice that the application process to this scholarship requires that the candidate first contact NSELP in order to have his/her application assessed and receive the admission letter.

Additional costs
In addition to tuition fees, flexible costs are part of every teaching module. These costs are carried in part by the consortium and in part by the participant. Depending on both the country in which the module takes place, and the preferences of the participant, these costs may vary. Please see the overview below to understand which costs are carried by the applicant and which by the consortium.

Included in the tuition fee are costs for:

  • Admission procedure
  • Teaching materials
  • A welcome dinner
  • Lunches (on teaching days)
  • Coffee breaks (on teaching days)
  • Field trips
  • A closing dinner
  • Transport to and from field trips

Additional costs for participants:

  • Transport to and from the hosting university
  • Accommodation
  • Meals not listed above
  • Visa costs (if applicable)
  • Cancellation costs (if applicable)

The information on this page can be subject to change