Energy Investments, Trade and Security

Module III – 21 June – 2 July 2021

Academic staff

  • Dr John Paterson, professor of law, co-director Centre for Energy Law, and Partner responsible for the Aberdeen module, NSELP
  • Dr Greg Gordon, head of school, sr lecturer and coord. of the LLM in Oil and Gas, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Tina Hunter, Lecturer, Centre for Energy Law, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Olivia Woolley, Lecturer, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Beatriz Martinez Romera, asst. professor of Envr and Climate Change Law, Center for Intl Law, Conflict and Crisis, University of Copenhagen
  • Dr Martha Roggenkamp, professor of Energy Law, Director of the Groningen Centre of Energy Law, University of Groningen
  • Dr Catherine Banet, associate professor in Petroleum and Energy Law, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo

External lecturers
Expected speakers from the Energy Charter Treaty, international law firms such as Volterra Fietta, the Scottish government and petroleum industry.

Draft programme

Week 1           Energy Trade and Investments

 Monday            Introduction/General
1. WTO law
2. Energy Charter Treaty
3. Russian Draft Convention and ECS Roadmap
4. EU-Russia Dialogue
5. NAFTA (Mercosur) etc

Tuesday            Energy Trade
1. EU-Russia Energy Trade
2. Transit
3. Transit and trade agreements

Wednesday     Investment Protection
1. Jurisdiction and procedural issues
2. Interaction of international investment law and European law
3. Substantive issues, e.g. expropriation, non-discrimination, etc.
4. Bilateral Investment Agreements

Thursday         Disputes Settlement and Arbitration
1. Institutions
2. State – investor
3. Commercial arbitration

Friday                Field Trip to Robert Gordon University – DART Oil Rig simulator

Week 2           Energy Security

Monday            Security of Supply – Principles and Programmes
1. Introduction
3. International Energy Programme
4. EU policy and law

Tuesday            Nuclear Energy
1. The role of nuclear in supply security
2. Institutions (IAEA, Euratom etc.)
3. Domestic Implementation
4. Radiation protection
5. Safety and Liability

Wednesday     Environmental Safety and Downstream Safety
1. Approaches to Environmental Regulation
2. Safety in the downstream electricity and gas sector (zoning etc)
a. Example: Environmental Management Systems
b. Example: Oil Spill Contingency Planning and Reporting
3. Critical Energy Infrastructure                               

Thursday         Upstream Health and Safety
1. Evolution of regulatory models for upstream/offshore safety
2. EU dimension (Framework Directive, Extractive Industries Directive, Proposed Regulation/Directive)
3. Comparative Session

Friday              Assignment
1. Presentation of individual papers
2. Follow up instructions: preparation of essay and next teaching module